Tunisia: a military helicopter disappeared from radar since Wednesday

Tunisia: a military helicopter missing from radar since Wednesday


A military helicopter carrying four people has disappeared from radar screens in northwestern Tunisia since Wednesday evening, the Ministry of Defense announced Thursday morning. 

The ministry “learned that contact was lost with a helicopter which was performing a night flight in the Cap Serrat region (Bizerte) last night,” it said in a statement.

“All land, sea and air resources are mobilized, in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, to carry out searches in order to locate him and determine the fate of his crew of four.”

Similar incidents have already occurred in recent years in Tunisia during exercises or reconnaissance missions.

In October 2021, three soldiers were killed in the crash of a helicopter the army, during a night exercise in the governorate of Gabès (south).

The ministry had opened an investigation to find out the reasons for the accident but its results have still not been released public.