Turnaround of Carrefour du Cap

After raising a lot of reactions by imposing a measure banning access to young people under 18 who were not accompanied by their parents, the management of Carrefour du Cap backtracked on Thursday morning, and removed this measure, which she described as temporary. At the same time, management ensures that meetings will be held with the Trois-Rivières Public Safety and the Chemin-du-Roy School Board to find solutions to the problems of mischief that occur.

“There have been some lockouts in the history of universities but not for twelve years. These are not normal practices, “she said.

Ms. David spoke with the management of UQTR and expressed hope for a quick resolution. “I said I was hopeful it would be settled,” she says, adding, “Do I like the lockout? The answer is no, very clearly.

Minister of Labor Dominique Vien also confirmed that a mediation meeting was scheduled for Thursday. “We want the conflict to be settled as quickly as possible. Reinforcements have actually been sent to help the parties break their stalemate. Already the new mediator spoke to both parties yesterday and a meeting is scheduled tomorrow. What they are asked of course is a regulation as soon as possible, “she said.

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