Turnaround of Carrefour du Cap

After raising a lot of reactions by imposing a measure banning access to young people under 18 who were not accompanied by their parents, the management of Carrefour du Cap backtracked on Thursday morning, and removed this measure, which she described as temporary. At the same time, management ensures that meetings will be held with the Trois-Rivières Public Safety and the Chemin-du-Roy School Board to find solutions to the problems of mischief that occur.
In a press release issued early Thursday morning, Groupe Shapiro, owner of Carrefour du Cap, also apologized to the citizens of the sector who might have felt aggrieved by this measure. “Despite the urgency of action, Carrefour du Cap apologizes for having used this temporary measure without considering the impact on young people and their parents. The intention was to quickly ensure the safety of customers and retailers in the face of a significant increase in troubling behavior, “says management.

However, it is clear from the press release that the escalation of harms that had been observed for several months was tangible and had not been hindered by other measures already implemented by Carrefour du Cap. “The multiple interventions of qualified teams have failed to curb the misdeeds of a group of minors at Carrefour du Cap: many shoplifting, increased vandalism, intimidation of staff and customers, mass taxation and by force in the common areas and at the time of closing, use of booster lighters in the shop, use of bicycles and skateboards in the center – hence the temporary actions undertaken “, can also read in the release.

On Thursday afternoon, many young people were back at the Carrefour du Cap, and the signs forbidding them access were gone. Security guards roamed the mall, but no longer held a presence at the doors as seen during the previous days. A Public Safety patrol officer was present in the parking lot during lunch time to ensure a presence, but no intervention was required.

In addition, a strategy meeting with the Trois-Rivières police and the Chemin-du-Roy school board will take place next Monday, May 7th. “This joint work will enable Carrefour du Cap to provide a safe environment as quickly as possible to the clientele, youth and families in the sector, as well as to the center’s business community. The solutions will be communicated following the meetings, “adds the management.

At the Trois-Rivières Public Safety, we intend to attend this meeting as a partner. “We still think that much of the solution goes through the inner security of the mall, which is not our mandate. We have intervened a dozen times on demand in recent months, but we can not ensure a permanent presence on the scene. Sometimes, we ensure the presence of a patrol when we point out the interest of special attention, “confirms the sergeant Luc Mongrain, spokesman for Public Security.

At the Chemin-du-Roy School Board, we intend to be in collaboration mode as we have always been from the beginning. “For our part, we are already doing prevention and awareness among our students at two nearby high schools, on the know-how especially knowing that schools are found in residential and commercial sector. We also developed extracurricular extracurricular activities at lunchtime to create a form of retention for our students. These are measures that already existed and will continue. If, at the end of the exercise, we see that we can provide other solutions, we will be listening and we will support other partners in this issue with whom we already collaborate, “says Anne-Marie Bellerose,

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