Turned her husband into a robot: Meghan Markle back in the center of the scandal

Превратила мужа в робота: Меган Маркл снова в центре скандала

Pregnant wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle again subjected to a wave of criticism from the public.

This happened after the former editor of the Daily Mirror piers Morgan expressed his opinion that the marriage with former actress turned Prince Harry into a robot, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to podrobnosti.ua.

He acted in the program “Good morning Britain” and noted that Prince Harry has become boring.

Morgan said that according to sources in the Royal Palace, the Duchess of Sussex has banned Prince Harry to drink alcohol and all beverages that contain caffeine, including tea and coffee.

“I would prefer him to be playing naked Billiards in Vegas,” said Morgan, alluding to the story, which happened in 2012. Then candid shots of Prince Harry in the press.

Piers Morgan was indignant that the Prince was like a boring person who doesn’t drink even a Cup of coffee and read all sorts of nonsense in the press.

Co-host Morgan Susanna reed tried to argue with him. She explained that Prince Harry was able to independently abstain from alcohol and caffeine, what Morgan called the Duke of Sussex robot.

Insiders confirm that Megan Markle spooky and quarrelsome nature. He was tormented by his subordinates, as he sent them instructions, even at night.

The Duchess of Sussex can make a scene for any reason and absolutely do not want to adhere to Royal protocols. It is likely that it could prohibit, even her own husband.


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