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TV nostalgia: Élyse Marquis inspired by youth programs

Télé nostalgia: Élyse Marquis inspired by children's shows


If so many children laughed and moved with Élyse Marquis, they owe it to the many shows of the 1970s and 1980s that delighted her. The little girl who always attends back-to-school dates has become an actress with many TV projects for young people…

Élyse, what youth programs have marked you ?

Ghyslain Tremblay, Michèle Deslauriers, Denyse Chartier and André Cartier at Pop Citrouille

Youth shows have really changed my life! It is by looking Bobino, Picotine, Fanfreluche and Pop Citrouille that I wanted to be an actress. In fact, what I wanted was to be friends with these characters. I wanted to be part of their gang. 

When I went to drama school, it was for the specific purpose of doing children's shows. And I was served! I played in Watatatow and 0340 at Radio-Canada, Le Club des 100 wattsat Télé-Québec, and I had the chance to participate in several Canal Famille shows, including Télé-Pirate, Enfanforme, Génération W >, Boom Cat and Pinpon.

What are your fondest childhood television memories?

Linda Wilscam in Picotine

I loved coming home from school and knowing that I could sit in front of the TV and watch Bobino, La Ribouldingue, < em>Fanfreluche and Picotine

In fact, several years later, I took part in La Fureur – Halloween special. We had the chance to go and choose our costume from the great costumer of Radio-Canada. When I saw Picotine's, I immediately wanted to put it on. Linda Wilscam, the interpreter of Picotine, saw me that evening at La Fureurand she wrote to tell me that she had been touched. In the envelope, she placed the ribbons which Picotine wore in her hair. I gave the dress back to the costumer, but I still treasure those ribbons. 

Did you watch a lot of TV when you were very young?

< p>When I was little, I watched Saturday Heroes (it featured kids who excelled in their sport) and homecoming shows from school. The rest of the time, we were going to play outside! I remember the theme of Beautiful Sundays that my parents always listened to. It was the sign that I had to go to bed.

Is there a character who influenced you?

André Montmorency (on the left), and Jean-Louis Millette on the show La ribouldingue

Comedian Denis Bouchard played in the youth program Pop Citrouille. It was a bit like the ancestor of Télé-Pirate. A show with sketches and songs. I loved this show. One day, I wrote to Denis Bouchard who was kind enough to answer me and invite me on the set of Pop Citrouille. I couldn't get over finding myself in a Radio-Canada studio, surrounded by these wonderful actors. It was at that precise moment that I believed that my dream of becoming an actress was possible.

Would you do youth TV again?

I had so much fun performing on youth shows that I would do it again tomorrow morning! We did a little show tour with Télé-Pirate and Enfanforme; it was so amazing to meet the children and young people after the show. Seeing the stars in their eyes is priceless!! Youth television is really important and it is an honor to have been part of many people's childhoods. Every week, I hear about Télé-Pirate or Enfanforme!

Élyse Marquis will be at the helm of the 12e season of Chefs! which begins Monday at 8 p.m. on ICI Télé.

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