TV presenter Alain frost about his favourite books and fashion to read

Host of the show “Northern check-in” on channel UFO TV shared a list of favorite books

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Телеведущая Алена Мороз о любимых книгах и моде на чтение

Alain Frost

Worldwide 9 Aug celebrated bibliophile. This festival aims to promote reading and to draw attention to books in all their diversity. Host of the show “Northern check-in” on channel UFO TV Alena Moroz shared her list of favorite books, a book which changed her mind.

– Alena, reading is your hobby? How do you find time for him?

– I read, but it’s not my hobby. Books view from two angles. This is the source:

– new information

– interesting history.

I love to get new information and learn the history, but I feel more comfortable doing it through other media. Long considered important to raise this issue. In our society it is accepted coyly purse his lips, “EW, you don’t love to read? All of you understand”. The one who reads, the intellectual, and the rest ignorant. This is understandable. Since the emergence of writing books was the main source of production of knowledge and wisdom. So if you have not read, then were uneducated or unintelligent. Today, in addition to books, there is a huge amount of video content, thematic pages, webinars, offline courses. And I have listed only those carriers that transmit knowledge. And the competitors in the area of “telling stories”, I think you know the answer yourself. To read books is fine. But this is not the only way of understanding the beautiful.

Телеведущая Алена Мороз о любимых книгах и моде на чтение

Alain Frost

– Name your TOP favorite books that you suggest to read to everyone?

– Andrew Joyce brothers here “Mind Palace”, George Orwell “1984” by Jim Collins “good to great”.

Are you following books – what books or authors have impressed you the most?

– Just “mind Palace” Joyce brothers here is the latest discovery. Plan to read his new book “Trinity”.

– Why people are reading less?

I have no such statistics. Don’t know if there were studies on this topic worldwide and is there a comparative analysis on the years where you see such results. If this view is confirmed by research, I think the reason is what I said in the first reply. There are many worthy competitors that cover the same needs as the book.

– What, in your opinion, to renew the fashion for books and reading?

– Is it necessary? We are all the time trying to hold onto the past. For the strategy and schemes, which previously worked the world. Let those who loves it is the format of books, reads them. And those who like to interact with information in new ways – use them.

– Ebook or paper?

Paper. But the faster I read the email. Because she’s always on the phone and you can read on the road, in cafes or at bedtime, without disturbing anyone light.

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– Advise the perfect book for vacation?

– I don’t have vacations, when I’m lying by the pool and read a book. I’m on leave, as an institution, and research where do go from morning till night, and the hotel already crawls to disconnect. So the question is not for me 🙂

– You have a book, which changed your mind at some point?

Bernard werber “Empire of angels”. I admired his hypothesis that happens to man after death. Then realized that when speculating on this subject, not necessarily to choose the version proposed by one religion. Most likely, no one does not know the truth, how would anyone beat his chest, proving the point. So why not come up with their version, which is more interesting, more pleasant and safer to live?

– How many pages a day do you usually read?

– There is no such rule. It was that I devoured the book while he was riding the train the Dnieper-Kiev, without getting up even once even in the toilet. And the next day started new. And there are times when I go months without approaching the books.

– How to teach a child to read?

I do not know. Say that constantly to read in the presence of a child starting from infancy. And then maybe he will copy this model with parents. Sounds logical 🙂

– You thought once to write a book (probably a memoir)?

I even tried to do it in childhood. The idea was fantastic. But because of my excessive love for details and clarifications I just fell on Chapter two. When will have something worthy to share with the world, and write.

Earlier, we made a list of books for inspiration.

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Телеведущая Алена Мороз о любимых книгах и моде на чтение

Телеведущая Алена Мороз о любимых книгах и моде на чтение

Телеведущая Алена Мороз о любимых книгах и моде на чтение


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