TV presenter live hard disgraced colleague: video

Alex Housden compared his black colleague with a gorilla

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Телеведущая в прямом эфире жестко опозорила коллегу: видео

Leading in the US compared black colleague to a gorilla

Live American TV channel KOCO 5 News presenter Alex Hayden laughed with his black colleagues Jason Hackett, stating that are shown in their story, the gorilla is very similar to him. On a curious incident drew the attention of a publishing INSIDER.

Presenters commented on the report from the city zoo and Oklahoma, in which was shown a scene with a gorilla. “Like something for you,” said Hayden, turning to his colleague. “Yes, really, something is,” answered Hackett.

Users of Facebook have posted a video recording of the broadcast in the social network. In the comments, the audience fell to the TV presenter with accusations of racism and demanded to fire her. The next day, Hayden apologized to Hakeem.

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“I want you to know that I understand how much you hurt,’ said the journalist to a colleague. I know that was wrong, and I’m sorry,” said Hayden.

Jason Hackett accepted the apology and noted that this incident can be used as a lesson that words have meaning.

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