TV5 recruits, Claude Legault

TV5 recrute Claude Legault

Claude Legault will talk about the Second world War to TV5. The next year, the actor will 39-45 canadian soil, a documentary series that will cover the major events but unknown to have occurred in Canada during this period. Legault will interview experts and will collect the testimonies of women and men who have lived this conflict.

Reached by telephone, the director of content for TV5 and Unis, Jérôme Hellio, explains that the hiring of the comedian was source. “Claude Legault, is a history buff. The match was obvious. I chose it because it embodies the subject. “

The trip in spite of everything

The pandemic of COVID-19 might have reported the arrest of travel to Canada, TV5 persists and signs in furnishing its grid 2020-2021 emissions of travel. Next novelty is The country of happiness, a docu-reality in which Marc-André Carignan travels the world to discover how we reached the happiness in the various territories, and Will drink elsewhere with Vanessa Pilon, a series that combines drinks, meetings and tourism.

Always to TV5, the public will be able to follow Take show, a docu-reality about the world of hair salons, Hubs, a cultural magazine hosted by the montréal-based artist Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, aka Pony, and Inked into the skin, a series in which personalities such as Safia Nolin, Yann Perreau, Nicolas Archambault and Sarahmée tell the stories behind their tattoos.

MC Gilles on Télé-Québec

The details surrounding the programming also filter on the side of Télé-Québec, where MC Gilles will host a Code of Quebec, a documentary series inspired by the book of the same name by Jean-Marc Léger. Published in 2016 Editions of the Man, that testing the famous echo sounder showed the “seven factors of differentiation” of Quebec compared to English Canadians. Dissemination of Code of Québec is intended not to fall, but to the winter of 2021.

On the side of the united States, Anaïs Favron held the reins of 50 ways to kill his mother, an adaptation of an original format for irish in which it will attempt of the activities bold with his mother.

Its filming suspended, Jérôme Hellio has decided to increase the development budget of TV5 and States, history of receiving more project proposals and assist in the recovery of the environment.

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