TVA: a punchy final for Indefensible

TVA: A punchy finale for Indefensible


The finale of the first season of Indefensible has reserved a major surprise for the faithful of the judicial daily of TVA, who also witnessed a shooting. It promises to talk on social networks and in front of the coffee machine on Friday.

*** Those who have not yet seen the episode, be warned that details are revealed in this article ***

The first blow concerns Me Frédéric Legrand (Martin-David Peters), who is not dead as we thought. Some fans of the series had guessed it, but it's startling news all the same. The criminal lawyer also causes a commotion by landing at Cabinet Lapointe-MacDonald-Desjardins in this final. Inès (Nour Belkhiria), who witnessed her attempted murder months earlier, is downright angry.

Maxime (Mathieu Baron) sometimes spoke of Operation Dallas. This code name concerned Me Legrand, who had been declared dead in the hospital in order to protect him from Alexis (Samuel Côté), the one who had tried to kill him at the request of his boss Greg Renaud (Olivier Aubin). Now that Alexis has been locked up, is Me Legrand safe, he who transmitted information to the police? Greg can still attack him, right?

Me Legrand will indeed be back in the storylines, confirmed the creator, showrunner and main author of < em>Indefensible, Izabel Chevrier, without saying more.

We thought he was dead, but Me Frédéric Legrand comes out of his hiding place and arrives at the cabinet in the final episode of the first season, broadcast this Thursday on TVA.

We thought he was dead, but Me Frédéric Legrand comes out of his hiding place and arrives at the cabinet in the final episode of the first season, broadcast this Thursday on TVA.

Maxime involved in a shooting

Maxime was also involved in an exchange of gunfire in a restaurant. A fake policeman reached the manager who was cleaning a table. We will have to wait until the first episode of the second season to hear from him. We hope he wasn't seriously injured or even killed.

An intense second season for Marie-Anne

After a first season which focused on the life of Léo (Sébastien Delorme) and his wife Sarah (Catherine Renaud), the sequel will allow us to dive deeper into the intimacy of Marie-Anne (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé), “ a multilayered character” and “complex”, according to Izabel Chevrier, who is working these days, with her husband, the criminal lawyer Richard Dubé, on the episodes that we will be able to see before Christmas.

“Marie -Anne is brilliant, but she has a lot of blockages and an existential void. She is a 39-year-old careerist who dreamed of having a family. She is a great litigator in season 2, she has incredible causes, we enter another professional dimension with her, who is now associated with the firm.”

Inès will not be outdone by living her first year as a criminal lawyer and Me Lapointe (Michel Laperrière) will continue to be very involved in the causes.

A new main character< /p>

In addition, a new main character will appear in the second season. “There will be a new recurring character within the firm as important as Inès, Léo, Marie-Anne and Me Lapointe. It's confirmed, signed and all, but I can't talk about it except to say that people will be very happy.” 

Produced by Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, Indéfendable will be back on TVA next September.

A fake police officer arrives in a restaurant and opens fire in the finale of the first season of Indéfendable .

Maxime is taken in spite of himself in the shooting which occurs at the restaurant where a fake policeman burst in. The followers of the daily judicial TVA hope that he is not seriously injured.

Martin-David Peters is a fulfilled actor

Martin-David Peters is an actor in heaven since he knew that his character in Indefensible is not dead.

No, Me Frédéric Legrand is not resuscitated by a miracle. The police had hidden him long enough to apprehend the perpetrators of the shooting he had been the target of in Old Montreal, in front of his son.

“I was originally told that my character was going to get shot and die in the episodes that aired just before Christmas. I had finished filming when I received a call from Izabel Chevrier, the creator of the series, who told me: “we decided to bring your character back to life”. I couldn't believe it and, of course, something like this had never happened to me. She said to me: “we are going to bring Me Legrand back to the very last episode of the first season”. I was delighted, because it had made me a little sad to say goodbye to this character”, confided the actor in an interview with the QMI Agency.

A hateful man< /strong>

As we know, Me Legrand is quite detestable, unsympathetic and narcissistic. “He is someone who makes bad choices. I always try to find an angle that can be enriching for me. I didn't want to have the approach of saying he's a villain. He is also a father, his son is very important to him.”

Me Legrand has only himself to blame for what is happening to him. It was he who drew a target behind his back by passing information to the police from his client, the criminal Greg Renaud (Olivier Aubin).

“It's self-destruction he did,” said Martin-David Peters. He comes out of it very shaken and it leaves scars for him. In the second season, he will have great challenges after having been close to death. In my opinion, we will discover new facets of his personality.”