TVA+: Ariel Charest transposes her universe into a new web series

TVA+: Ariel Charest transposes his universe into a new web series


Comedienne Ariel Charest, who made a name for herself on TikTok at the start of the pandemic with her humorous “lip-syncs”, plays the title role in the new web series of TVA+ “On the trail”. 

She revisits, in the skin of “the great investigative journalist” Hariel Cherast, certain great classics of Quebec web like a crime documentary, and with, of course, a good touch of humor and some lip synchronization.

Accompanied of her acolytes Pascaline (Isabeau Blanche) and Siméon (Sébastien René), the “investigator” seeks to shed light and in particular to understand what prompted the black turkey to enter Mrs. Poulin's house, the Carl Carmoni phenomenon, this what happened to Yolande Ouellette since her victory in court against the “little bums” and the famous fly in a Timbits.

About ten minutes each, the 10 episodes idealized by Ariel Charest also put features a host of artists, such as Simon Boulerice, Guillaume Lambert, Joël Legendre, Élyse Marquis and Richardson Zéphir.

The texts are provided by Mathieu Bouillon and director Marc-Olivier Valiquette.< /p>

The “On the trail” web series, produced by ComediHa! in collaboration with Quebecor Content, is available now on TVA+.