TVA recruits Marie-Ève Janvier

TVA recrute Marie-Ève Janvier

Marie-Eve January will be its input VAT. This fall, the singer will take the reins ofturns, a show in which she would revisit the career of quebec actors through the characters they played.

Created and produced by Attraction (Silence play, family-sized) in collaboration with Quebecor Content, this large tray is designed to tickle the fiber nostalgic of the public. Every week, Marie-Ève Janvier will receive two actors who co-starred in the same series. Using archive, it will invite its guests to plunge into their memories.

Headlining Rhythm FM, Marie-Ève Janvier anime love is in the meadow to V since 2012. It has also driven the music game This is my tune for Radio-Canada in 2014 and 2015, with her husband, Jean-François Breau. In turn marks her first foray to VAT.

Through a press release, the main interested is talk of a new challenge that she is eager to meet. “I am both giddy, happy, excited and honored to add me to the great family of VAT at the helm of a show where all the light will be placed on our actresses and actors in here. Our personalities that we love so much, but especially their characters, that it was sometimes worshiped, sometimes hated […].”

Twelve emissions of 60 minutes ofturns have been ordered. The recordings should start in the month of August in a decoration consisting of a huge wall of screens, revealed the producer Martin Métivier in the Newspaper last week.

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