Twenty families from Levis will try the Zero Waste Turn

Nearly 45 families in Lévis have already submitted their candidacy to participate for one year in Virage Zero Déchet. Twenty will be chosen in June to participate in this program that aims to adopt habits minimizing the production of waste.
“We are among the best-performing cities in Quebec and we already have close to 50 families who have volunteered for this project where everything goes through recycling, recovery and composting,” said Monday. Mayor Gilles Lehouillier.

Doris Dumas, coordinator in planning and management of residual materials in the City of Lévis, said that the 20 selected families would be followed for a year, participating in workshops and receiving expert advice.

Participants will also be encouraged to consume less and reduce directly at the source, in the spirit of the Virage Zero Déchet program.

The City of Lévis has also produced an original work, a seven-foot robot made entirely from recovered materials. It will be exhibited in the various libraries of Lévis until March 2019 to raise awareness.

The balance sheet of the 2017 Lévis Sustainable Development Action Plan also indicates that 58% of the 2034 objectives for improving waste management have already been achieved.

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