Twitch 1 Mixer 0, Microsoft shuts down the costs in the streaming of video games

Twitch 1 Mixer 0, Microsoft arrête les frais dans le streaming de jeux vidéos

SAN FRANCISCO | Microsoft throws in the towel and will close its platform streaming of video games Mix on 22 July, said on Monday that the subsidiary of the computer giant, in a press release.

Today the partners and “streamers” (players and content creators) Mix will start to migrate to the service competitor to Facebook Gaming.

Mixer will cut off the power for good on July 22.

“We started very far behind, in terms of users monthly active Mix, compared to the heavy weights of the sector “, explained Phil Spencer, the head games of Microsoft, in an interview with The Verge, a site of technological information.

This is especially true in the face of Twitch, which is part of the stable of Amazon, at the head of this sector in full expansion, and that has yet taken advantage of the pandemic, when tens of millions of people confined to the home they were looking to kill the boredom and to distract you, by all means.

Twitch has popularized the dissemination of video games, that allows fans to watch parties such as other attending football matches, with the social aspect in addition : players comment on their actions, and spectators interact on the “cats” in parallel.

On the theme of “against bad fortune good heart,” Mr. Spencer points out that ” the community Mixer will really benefit from hearing broad-ranging Facebook through its brands and the means of reaching players without hitches thanks to the social platform of Facebook “.

Mix had tried to go up the field in débauchant big names such as Ninja or Shroud, but this will not be enough when Twitch was able to take advantage of the pandemic to diversify the offer with concerts and live shows in addition to games.

Free stars join now their favourite platforms.

Microsoft has had to make a choice: close, purely and simply, to sell or invest even more without a guarantee of filling happen to really change the scale.

“It was not so much of a return on the sale, but to find a partner that was best for the community and the streamers,” says Mr Spencer.

Microsoft had mentioned the goal of reaching 2 billion players with xCloud (the streaming of games related to universe xBox), but Mixing has not been the case to get there.

“When we think of xCloud and the opportunity to access the games 2 billion players, we know that it is crucial that our services will have access to a wide audience, and Facebook provides us clearly that,” further explained the head of Microsoft.

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