Twitter disables a video retweetée by Trump after an appeal by the group Linkin Park

Twitter désactive une vidéo retweetée par Trump après un recours du groupe Linkin Park

Twitter has disabled a video campaign retweetée by the american president Donald Trump after a formal notice of group Linkin Park, who challenged the unauthorized use of his music.

The video, in which was a resumption of the tube of the group ” In the End “, had been published by the responsible of the social networks to the White House, Dan Scavino, and retweetée Saturday by Mr. Trump.

In place of the video, you can now read the following message : “this media has been disabled as a result of a notification of the copyright holder “.

The american rock group said he did not have authorized Mr. Trump or his campaign to use his music.

“Linkin Park has not supported and does not endorse Trump, or that he does not allow his organization to use our music. A letter of formal notice has been sent to you “, tweeted the group.

Before Linkin Park, the Rolling Stones had threatened Donald Trump to sue him if he continued to use one of their songs, ” You Can’t Always Get What You Want “, when events of the campaign.

Several other artists are opposed to the use of their music by Donald Trump. The rock group Queen was well risen against the use of one of the most known songs of the repertoire of rock — “We Are the Champions” — during an appearance on the stage with Mr. Trump at the republican convention in 2016.

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