Twitter does not exclude the possibility to suspend the account of Donald Trump

Twitter n’exclut pas de suspendre le compte de Donald Trump

A senior executive of Twitter has not ruled out Thursday that the social network was suspending the account of Donald Trump if the american president continues to release inflammatory messages that violate the rules of the social network.

With 81.7 million subscribers, the account, @realDonaldTrump is one of the 10 most followed on Twitter. But the american leader is in conflict with the social network, which has reported two of his tweets on the vote by correspondence by adding the words “verify the facts”.

Twitter then has hidden a message of the u.s. president for violation of the rules of the network on the”glorification of violence”. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” said Donald Trump in this tweet posted in the context of clashes between protesters and police that erupted in several u.s. cities, after the death on 25 may of the Afro-american George Floyd, 46-year-old, was asphyxiated in Minneapolis by a white policeman.

The director of strategy of public policy at Twitter, Nick Pickles, said Thursday at a parliamentary hearing in the Uk that the tweets of Donald Trump were examined in the same way as those from other verified accounts.

“Every time a tweet of a user is published and we is reported, we examine it according to our rules,” said Mr Pickles in a virtual audition before the parliamentary committee of the digital. “If a Twitter user continues to violate our rules, then we will continue to have discussions on all the pathways open to us.”

The parliamentarians have asked on two occasions at Mr. Pickles if it meant that the account of the american president could be suspended if he continued to violate the rules.

“Every Twitter account is subject to the rules of Twitter”, he answered every time.

Snapchat, the social network very popular among the young people of the generation Z, has joined Twitter, announcing Wednesday that it would no longer be promoting the messages of the us president to mitigate the echo of the messages that “incite racial violence”.

On the other hand, Facebook, the first social network in the world, has decided not to report it or censor it in any way that this is the message of the american president, causing the dissatisfaction of several employees of the platform, who participated in a strike.

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