Twitter mask a tweet from Trump making the”glorification of violence”

Twitter masque un tweet de Trump faisant l'«apologie de la violence»

WASHINGTON | Twitter has been masked by Friday, a message from Donald Trump on the clashes in Minneapolis, leaving it still open, to report a “glorification of violence”, making up a notch the controversy with the us president that seeks to limit the protection of social networks and their latitude to moderate the content.

“These ROGUE dishonor the memory of George Floyd, and I don’t let them do this. Just spoke to governor Tim Walz and told him that the army is on his side all along. At the slightest problem, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”, tweeted Thursday night Donald Trump.

The president, attended by more than 80 million people on Twitter, has published this message, which can be interpreted as an incitement to the police to use their weapons, after the fire of a police station in Minneapolis during a third night of clashes after the death of a black man, George Floyd, during an interpellation muscled by white police officers.

After a few hours, the social network, american has hidden this tweet with a warning message, leaving just the ability to retweet with comments, but not of the “retweet” or “like” it or respond to it. The tweet remains fully visible when one clicks on the message.

“This tweet violates the rules of Twitter on the glorification of violence. However, Twitter believes that it is in the public interest that this tweet is still accessible,” according to the social network.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump, appalled by the attitude of Twitter in his regard that had for the first time reported on two of his tweets with the phrase “Check the facts”, has signed a decree aimed at limiting the judicial protection of social networks in order to “defend freedom of expression in the face of one of the worst dangers that be”. The decree is expected to be the starting point of a long battle in the courts.

The two messages reported Tuesday claimed that the voting by correspondence was necessarily ” fraudulent “, because subject to manipulations, a question ultra-sensitive in full election year.

By signing the decree, Mr. Trump has again denounced the “monopoly” of the technology groups, accusing them of long-standing to have a bias ideological and political.

“They have the power not controlled to censor, edit, obscure, or alter any form of communication between individuals, and large public hearings”, he assured.

Very active on Twitter, Mr. Trump has decided to tackle, in the name of freedom of expression – and as retaliation, according to its critics – the famous Section 230 of the “Communications Decency Act”.

The cornerstone of the american internet, it offers Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube (Google) immunity against any legal action related to the content published by third parties and gives them the freedom to intervene on the platforms at their discretion.

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