Twitter removes a video posted by Trump misinformation on the COVID-19

Twitter retire une vidéo postée par Trump pour désinformation sur la COVID-19

Washington | Twitter withdrew on Monday evening a video posted by the american president Donald Trump, who broadcast false information on the new coronavirus, a-t we learned Tuesday, with the social network.

The platform has also suspended Tuesday provisionally the Twitter account of his son, Donald Trump Junior, who re-broadcast the video.

“The tweet accompanying the video violates our policy concerning the misinformation on the COVID-19”, indicated to the AFP a spokesperson, about the video withdrawn from the account of the republican president.

Twitter has refused to give more information, including the number of people who have been able to watch the video.

This last had already been removed by Facebook on Monday evening, said a spokesman of the first social network in the world.

“We’ve removed this video because it had false information about the remedies and the treatments of the COVID-19”, explained the spokesperson.

This video showed a group of doctors making misleading statements and misconceptions about the pandemic of sars coronavirus. According to the Washington Post, more than 14 million people watched via Facebook.

Then, a few hours later, the president, Donald Trump has tweeted several clips of the same video to its $ 84.2 million subscribers.

The video says that masks are not needed to stop the disease.

For half an hour, according to the u.s. daily, Mr. Trump has also shared 14 tweets to defend the use of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that the president has promoted on several occasions, but several scientific studies have shown the ineffectiveness in the treatment of the COVID-19.

Twitter is the main communication platform of Donald Trump, but in the past few weeks, the network has taken its distances, not hesitating to punish tweets of the president.

For example, Twitter had pinned on June 23, the american president, with a mention indicating that one of his tweets “violated” the rules of the network concerning the “inappropriate behaviour”, while leaving the opportunity to read it.

Some time before, the platform had been reported as misleading about Donald Tump on the vote by correspondence, newspaper articles in support.

And then she had pinned another tweet for “glorification of violence”: “The looting will be immediately greeted by the balls,” said Donald Trump about the protests which sometimes escalated into riots.

On Tuesday, Twitter also suspended the account of the son of the president.

“This account has not been permanently suspended,” said the spokesperson of Twitter.

“According to the screenshot, the tweet should be deleted, as it violates our rules (on the sharing of false information on the COVID-19), and the account will have limited functionality during 12 hours”, he added.

In other words, Donald Trump Jr will be restricted in its possibilities of tweeter.

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