Two brigadiers for the Crusader school

The first re-entry of the students of the Croisée School, located on René-Lévesque Boulevard, will take place in the presence of two brigadiers. City Council endorsed the creation of a brigadier position and the addition of a second resource for a temporary period.
The brigadiers will be stationed at the start of the school year, at the roundabout on Matisse Street. In the decision summary of the City of Sherbrooke, it states that the report of the Major Works Department establishes a sufficient risk to justify the presence of an attendant. The creation of this position will have a $ 16,000 impact on payroll excluding benefits and employer contributions.

The hazard index was based on the vehicle flow per hour (575 vehicles), the number of walking schoolchildren (176) and the speed on the boulevard (30 km / h). This index is 9.8. From an index of 21, the presence of traffic lights is deemed necessary.

We also take into account that the pedestrian crossing is located in a roundabout, that the passage is offset and requires to cross in two sequences and the sector in question again, with a particular configuration.

For this reason, the presence of a second brigadier was deemed necessary at the time of commissioning for a trial period of three months. This second officer will come from a bank of temporary employees. After three months, the situation will be re-evaluated to determine if it is essential to keep the second brigadier.

Councilor Annie Godbout welcomed this news. “It’s reassuring that we plan the blow right away and give ourselves the opportunity to adapt.”

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