Two candidates for “American Idol” slam the door two nights in a row



Not one, but two contestants have decided to leave the American Idol televised competition without notice, in two consecutive evenings. They are Sarah Beth Liebe, known for accusing Katy Perry of “mom shaming”, and Kaya Stewart, who was to sing as a duo. 

Contestant Sarah Beth Liebe publicly accused Judge Katy Perry of mom shaming in a TikTok videoor a “guilty comment about her role as a mother”. (The singer had made a joke about her young age to be a mother of three children.)

The young candidate finds herself in front of the stage again. This time, for choosing to leave the competition broadcast on ABC.

“This opportunity is really great, but it will actually be my last performance because that my heart is at home, so I'm going home with my three babies. They kinda need me,” Liebe said after performing The Police's Roxanne.

She then stormed off stage, leaving judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan confused. They asked to speak to her and she was brought back on stage.

Despite Katy Perry's encouragement and attempts to persuade her to continue her journey, the young woman left the stage and the competition. She reportedly told a producer backstage that “she didn't think she was going to win the contest and it was better for her to go home.”

A second dropout< /strong>

As for Kaya Stewart, she surprised everyone by suddenly abandoning the competition, and at the same time her duet partner.

The young woman was to sing, in duet with the candidate Fire, the piece Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert. It was when they went on stage that Kaya Stewart announced to the judges that she was abandoning her partner.

“I have a little announcement to make, she told the judges. I got sick at the start of Hollywood Week and tried to push myself and keep going. During this performance I was able to work with Fire and it was a great experience. She's so talented and so amazing and we bonded so much, but I realized I wasn't able to give 100%.”

“So if I don't play today 'today that means I won't be competing anymore,' she added tearfully.

Visibly upset, Fire was able to sing accompanied by a volunteer, which brought her joy to advance to the next round of the competition and hear Katy Perry say, “I'm proud of you!”