Two dealers of synthetic drugs (3MMC) and GHB, nicknamed “the rapist's drug”, arrested in Montpellier

Two dealers of synthetic drugs (3MMC) and GHB, nicknamed "the rapist's drug", arrested in Montpellier

The use of synthetic drugs such as 3M™ is increasingly common at parties. ML – Illustration

The suspects are two Montpellier residents aged 38 and 39.

During the night from Sunday to Monday July 8, around 2 a.m., a police emergency crew surprised a car traveling at high speed near the Corum in Montpellier.

The driver is immediately arrested. It is a 39-year-old from Montpellier who seems nervous and eager to hide something in his vehicle.

Twenty bags of 1 gram

Questioned about his behavior, he admits that he drives under the influence of narcotics. The police then decided to search his car. Twenty bags of 1 gram of synthetic drug (3MMC) as well as a large bottle and three small vials of GHB (nicknamed "the rapist's drug") were thus discovered.

The accused is immediately placed in police custody where he recognizes a small business of this type of product which he buys on the darknet and then resells them in Montpellier, from acquaintances.

36 000 euros profit over the last months

Research established that in the space of a few months, he had purchased 3kg of 3MMC and 8 liters of GHB. A traffic that would have assured him a profit of 36,000 euros. Note that 6,500,euros were found during a search of his home.

The investigations also made it possible to identify another Montpellier resident, aged 38, with whom he helped out from time to time. From the latter, 430 euros in cash were seized as well as small quantities of 3MMC, cocaine, resin, cannabis herb and ecstasy tablets.

Not forgetting, a liter of GHB, precision scales and packaging sachets. After hearing and confrontation in police custody, the two were finally released pending a summons. The investigation continues.

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