Two deaths in the Gardens of the Haut Saint-Laurent

Deux décès aux Jardins du Haut Saint-Laurent

The CHSLD Gardens, the Upper St. Lawrence river consists of eight dead and 100 persons infected since the confirmation of the outbreak last may 21.

Barely ten days after becoming the 14th home outbreak region, the establishment of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures is facing a situation more difficult.

The COVID-19 to gain new ground with 39 users and 61 employees with an increase of 11 cases in the last few hours. There were also two deaths more.

Moreover, the balance sheet is not much better at the CHSLD general Hospital of Quebec with 129 sick people, an increase of two cases. There is a death of grace, the 15th already.


The CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale region has confirmed, and 13 new positive cases in the territory and three new deaths. These 13 new cases are all two-CHSLD known. This number represents the lowest balance daily for a very long time. The total is now of 1601 people infected and 118 deaths. In the designated hospitals of the region, there are currently 30 hospitalizations.

“With the reopening of several public places, including shopping centres, hairdressing salons and beauty and the campgrounds, I recall that it is recommended to wear a covering face in public places “, said Dr. François Desbiens.

For the whole area of Chaudière-Appalaches, two new case of coronavirus have been detected in the last hours.

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