Two drownings avoided narrowly to Chandler

Deux noyades évitées de justesse à Chandler

Two swimmers were saved in extremis from drowning on Tuesday in Chandler, thanks to the speed and the vigilance of three rescuers.

A man in his twenties and a teenager had to be rescued by the lifeguards on the beaches of Pabos Mills, Newport and after you have been swept out to sea because of strong winds caused by the remnants of tropical storm Isaias.

“At the beginning, the waves were not really big, not really worried, but at a given moment, we could tell that he was going to the cape of rocks because there was a side current. We have seen that the waves rose so it would not have been able to return. He shouted that he needed help,” says Juan Esteban Chaparro, the lifeguard 17 years of age who recovered the man in distress.

The rescue operation was dangerous and made us fear the worst for the two rescuers.

“It was really a rescue very difficult for us. There were a lot of waves, and make it [to him], it has been difficult. At this time, it started to move in my head, the victim is rendered in the background. It was going rather well, but at least, she saw him again, she told me: it is in front of you,” says the lifeguard.

“I saw that they had a good team spirit. Him, at the beginning, he didn’t see it, so I was doing his eyes to tell him where was the victim and it went really well,” exclaimed Kassandra Arsenault, the second sauveteuse who has participated in the rescue.

In the early afternoon, it is a teenager of about 16 years who had to be rescued at the beach of Pabos Mills.

“The younger was close to the rocks, and I’ve given a first whistle to warn of coming back in the swimming area, and I could see that he was having difficulty. I saw that the tide was high and the wave had a tendency to push it towards the cap rock. I didn’t take chance and I decided to go and help with the buoy and the mask we had on us,” says the lifeguard, Louis-François Beauchamp.

With the remnants of tropical storm Isaias, the waves reached by the time of 5 to 7 feet in height. Fortunately, the two swimmers get out without injury.

With these incidents, the City of Chandler has taken major steps to raise awareness of the bathers.

“On the beach Pabos, [when] I arrived, it was terrible, the waves were big as […]. I whistled four great shots, I brought them out and I explained the context that we had to do two rescues, and that they needed to be careful. You must always remember that the rescuers who are there, it is their life they put in danger to go save someone,” said the person in charge of beaches to the City, Dominique Giroux.

Officials would like to remind all that the beaches of the City of Chandler will be monitored until 14 August. After this date, the swim will be done at the risk and peril of those who choose to venture there.

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