Two exclusive, solo interviews for Prince Harry

Two exclusive, solo interviews for Prince Harry


The saga of Prince Harry, Megan Markle and the British Royal Family is far from over. A few days before publishing his memoirs – a book called The Substitute– Prince Harry has opened up to American journalist Anderson Cooper and British journalist Tom Bradby about the division within his famous family. The two interviews with the prince – without his Meghan – will be broadcast next Sunday.  

Described by the CBS network as Prince Harry's first American television interview to discuss his upcoming memoir dubbed Spare(The Substitute,< /em>which launches January 10), this '60 Minutes' interview hosted by Anderson Cooper will shed light on Prince Harry's childhood, the loss of his mother and his life as the Duke of Sussex. 

In a video clip shared on Monday, the host is seen asking Prince Harry about the criticism leveled at him and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, over their decision to step back from royal duties. The prince then returns to the grievances that led to the move. The second son of King Charles III repeats that he first tried to address the matter in private.

“And every time I tried to do it privately, there were briefings and leaks and stories against me and my wife,” we hear him explain. “You know, the family motto is 'Never Complain, Never Explain'. That's just a motto.”

“On the side of Great Britain

Prince Harry should also give more details about his life to the inside and outside the Royal Family in a second interview with British journalist and novelist Tom Bradby. It will be broadcast on the British network ITV.

In an excerpt from the interview also made public on Monday, the Duke of Sussex said: “They have shown no desire to reconcile”, visibly referring to the royal family.

“I would like to get my father back. I would like my brother to come back,” he told journalist Tom Bradby in the excerpt from this interview which will be broadcast on ITV on Sunday January 8.

The “60 minutes” interview with Prince Harry will also air Sunday, on CBS.