Two hundred thousand rapid test kits for COVID-19 available from Monday in pharmacies

Two hundred thousand COVID-19 rapid test kits available for detection; s Monday in pharmacies

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In order to slow the spread of COVID-19 during the holiday season, more than a million tests will be distributed free of charge in pharmacies in Quebec from Monday.

Pharmaceutical distributors in Quebec have been mandated by public health authorities to ensure the distribution of more than 800,000 kits, each containing five tests, to pharmacies in all regions by the start of the holiday season.

The first delivery will provide each of the more than 1,900 pharmacies in Quebec with a first case of 108 kits as of Monday, or Tuesday at the latest for pharmacies located in more remote regions. Thereafter, deliveries will take place daily until December 23.

“We anticipate strong demand across Quebec and are fully aware of the challenges associated with limited supplies,” said the president of the Quebec Association of Pharmacy Distributors, Albert Falardeau.

In Ontario, government-sponsored test kits Friday were sold out within hours. Faced with the wave of contamination with the virus, the government had set up a system of distribution of free antigenic tests in certain branches of the LCBO. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced that the province is due to receive an additional 10 million rapid tests on December 27.

“Every effort is made to have the more than 800,000 test kits expected by the start of the holiday season be made available to the millions of eligible Quebecers aged 14 and over, ”said Mr. Falardeau.

With more than 3,000 cases per day, La Belle Province is speeding up the campaign for the administration of the third dose and doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus during this period of family gatherings.

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