Two major projects launched Monday morning

The Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) kicked off two major projects on Monday morning in Estrie.
The rehabilitation of the Bishop’s Bridge problem in the Lennoxville borough has begun. Remember that the site aims to replace the deck of the structure prohibited heavy vehicles since last winter.

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MTQ ahead of Bishop’s Bridge

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Following this work, the 18-tonne load restriction in effect since January 26, 2018 will be lifted and the running surface will be improved, ensures the MTQ. The work, which was to take place this summer, was preceded.

There have been slowdowns on Monday morning, but Dominique Gosselin, communications advisor of the MTQ, sees that the situation will return to normal over the next few days.

“The traffic is done with signalers,” she says.

“We ask people to plan their trips, like leaving early or avoiding the area.”

The bridge will be completely closed for six weeks starting May 21st. The reopening of one lane out of two is scheduled for July 2.

A detour of 12 km
In Magog, many orange cones appeared on the night from Sunday to Monday. The MTQ undertook to demolish the Highway 55 viaduct heading north, leading to the 10 towards Montreal. A detour was nearly 12 kilometers was set up.

The site must stretch until November.

It was noted that the detour led several truckers to report to the Deauville sector, which was operating Monday morning. Sébastien Drolet, spokesman of the Roadside Control, assures that the opening of the control station was planned for a long time and that the detour is not for nothing.

In addition, Ms. Gosselin mentions that the MTQ has considered using the viaduct next to the one to be demolished, that of the 55 southbound, to divert the traffic instead of making a long detour. “We should have built a temporary road to access the viaduct and then another structure to bring the vehicles in the ramp to the 10 towards Montreal,” she says.

“We studied it, but it was not retained. It was not the safest option. The vehicles would have returned in a steep curve of the access ramp to Highway 10. ”

Ms. Gosselin recognizes that motorists can reduce the detour distance by accessing Route 249 via Exit 123 to return on Route 10 East. “Our detours are suggestions for users,” she notes. We need to consider the ease of driving for truckers. ”

“Most of the time we use our network for detours, except when we have the authorization of the municipalities to do it.”
The MTQ has made a request to the City of Magog to circulate the vehicles at night. from May 15th to 16th. We will then precede the demolition of the viaduct. The traffic will be diverted via Route 112 from 19h to 6h, she says.

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