Two other NBA games postponed

Two other NBA games postponed

NBA officials postponed two more games on Monday for COVID-19 and contact tracing reasons.

The game scheduled for Monday in Dallas between the Mavericks and the New Orleans Pelicans has been postponed, as has the one scheduled for Tuesday between the Boston Celtics and the Bulls in Chicago.

The league’s general managers were meeting on Monday to discuss the league’s current situation with the virus, with the involvement of the NBA Players Association. The Board of Governors is due to discuss the subject at a meeting on Tuesday.

In addition, the Miami Heat was preparing for the absence of possibly eight players – including stars Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo – for a few days due to possible exposure to the coronavirus.

These developments come a day after the game Miami was scheduled to play in Boston was postponed due to heat tracing issues.

The Celtics have reportedly been deprived of seven players for this game due to virus-related reasons. Avery Bradley, a Heat player, who did not participate in the relaunch of the season for fear of exposing himself to the virus, was also ruled ineligible for this game under protocols.

In addition to Butler and Adebayo, the Heat players added to the roster as a result of the contact search are Goran Drajic, Moe Harkless, Udomis Haslem, Kendrick Nunn and KZ Okpala.

This does not mean that one or more of these players tested positive, but that contact tracing shows that they may have been exposed to someone with the virus. They may need to be away for seven days or more.

Three other Heat players are on the injured list, casting doubt on the chances that the team can count on the minimum of eight players to start a match.

The Heat have scheduled a flight from Boston to Philadelphia on Monday night in preparation for the game to take place on Tuesday. In addition, another flight is planned to allow players who need to go into isolation to return home, according to a person familiar with the situation.

This person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the information had not been made public.

“This is a unique start to the year, there’s no doubt about it,” Heat guard Duncan Robinson said during a Reddit presence.

“With all the protocols and new standards, the challenges are different. The general feeling, in my opinion, is that everyone wants to play, but first and foremost, everyone wants to be safe. ”

The search for contacts within the NBA has become much more advanced, especially at the technological level.

A new directive requires that all people traveling as part of a team must wear an electronic device that makes it possible to locate the proximity between two people. Data from this device helps determine whether a player should go into isolation due to potential exposure to the virus.

“The league is doing a great job of trying to adjust to the situation,” said Isaiah Joe, a 76 guard.ers of Philadelphia.

“As long as the managers try, I think it’s best for the players. And after a while, we will take control of this situation and start to function as normal again. ”

So far, only one other game has been postponed since the start of the NBA season, that of December 23 between Oklahoma City and Houston.

NBA leaders said on Sunday that they had anticipated situations like this and that for now, they have no intention of putting the season on hiatus because of the problems some teams are experiencing at the end. ‘actual hour.

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