Two points from first place

&Two points from first row


CF Montreal took advantage of its last home game to offer a 1-0 victory over D.C. United to the 19,619 fans present at Stade Saputo, another full house.< /p>

James Pantemis had to make some big saves to get his shutout and Gabriele Corbo made a save on the goal line.

The only goal was scored in the 41st minute. Zachary Brault-Guillard's low cross was deflected into his goal by Donovan Pines in the middle of a slide. An own goal was allowed.

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Pines caused a penalty kick late in the game by pushing Ishmael Koné, but David Ochoa blocked Joaquin Torres' shot.

Even playing with one less man since Pines was sent off following a foul on Koné, D.C. gave the hosts a bit of a scare scoring with less than five minutes to go.

Fortunately for the Montrealers, there was an offside. 

We have mentioned it many times, CF Montreal is assured of second place in the Eastern Conference, but this victory combined with a Philadelphia Union's stinging 4-0 loss against Charlotte keeps things interesting for the final weekend.

Indeed, the Montrealers now have 62 points, two less than the Union.

Another layer of interest, Toronto FC will be the Union's last opponent next Sunday at home while the Bleu-blanc-noir visit Miami.

Wilfried Nancy's men will therefore be playing for something at the last game of the season, but it will be for first place rather than a playoff spot. It's refreshing.

Also note that the team has an enviable record of 10-1-3 in its last fourteen games.

Quioto injured

The club announced before the match that Romell Quioto was out of uniform due to a thigh injury. This leads us to an observation, he often returns injured from his stays with the Honduras selection.

We will have to hope that this injury is not serious because he is the top scorer in the team this season with 15 goals in 30 games. His presence will be essential in the playoffs.

Another tile, Joel Waterman was injured at the end of the game following a heavy contact with Christian Benteke. He finished the match, but collapsed to the ground at the final whistle and received treatment.

01D.C.Guardian:D. Ochoa.Defenders:V. Palsson (replaced by C. Odoi-Atsem in the 68th minute), D. Pines, S. Birnbaum, S. Guediri. Middle: C. Durkin, S. Djeffal (substituted by J. Alfaro at the 81st minute), J. Hopkins (substituted by R. Morrison at the 64th minute), M. Berry (substituted by T. Ku-Dipietro at the 81st minute), M Rodriguez (substituted for K. Smith in the 69th minute). Attacker: C. Benteke. MontrealGuardian: J. Pantemis. Defenders: J. Waterman, R. Camacho, G. Corbo. Middle:L. Lappalainen (replaced by J. Kwizera at the 46th minute), M. Choinière (replaced by S. Piette at the 46th minute), V. Wanyama, I. Koné (replaced by R. Zouhir at the 83rd minute), Z. Brault -Guillard (replaced by A. Johnston in the 69th minute). Attacker: Mr. Toye (replaced by K. Kamara in the 62nd minute), J. Torres. GoalMontréal : Pines (41st – in his net) D.C. UNITED : noneCartonsMONTRÉAL : none D.C. UNITED : Hopkins (51st), Pines (79th-red), Benteke (90th+4)

DCU 3 3
MTL 3 3
DCU 13 3< /td>
MTL 10 1


Ismaël Koné

8/10 | Ismaël Koné

  • Very restless in midfield, he sniffed the open spaces between the lines of D.C. He caused a penalty shot.


7.5/10 | James Pantemis

  • He wasn't busy, but he made some big saves. He picked up the shutout.


7.5/10 | Gabriele Corbo

  • Another very good release; he was really very interesting, this young man. He saved a goal on the line.


7.5/10 | Rudy Camacho

  • A quiet, serene performance with plenty of control.

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7.5/10 | Victor Wanyama

  • He provided a reassuring presence in midfield and was very stable.
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    7.5/10 | Joel Waterman

    • A match to his usual quality standard, where he made no major mistakes and played fairly .


    7.5/10 | Mathieu Choinière

    • Very energetic and often in the right place to receive interesting services.

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    7.5/10 | Lassi Lappalainen

    • He was combative in his lane, both in the offensive and defensive phases. Since he was back from injury, Nancy saved him and he only played the first half.


    7.5/10 | Joaquin Torres

    • Dynamic, he used his speed well to disturb the opponent in the final third. He missed a penalty shot.


    7/10 | Jojea Kwizera

    • He brings speed to his lane and tries to animate the attack.


    7/10 | Zachary Brault-Guillard

    • A confident game. He made the cross that led to the goal that opened the scoring.


    6/10 | Mason Toye

    • Lacking in confidence, he has lost his bearings and is struggling to make the right decision: his whole game is affected.


    6/10 | Kei Kamara

    • Twice at the very end of the match, he missed golden chances in front of an almost empty goal. The kind of luck he never misses.


    Praise of constancy 

    We had to be patient, very patient even to collect post-match comments from Wilfried Nancy, who appeared before the media more than thirty minutes after the end of the match.

    S' he took so long to make his way to the press room, it was because he spoke to his men in the locker room.

    “I took the time to talk to my group, it was important to speak with my players to tell them what they have been doing since the start. »

    “We're going to make the playoffs, but it's only four games. The most important thing is what we do over 34 games and our consistency. Nineteen victories in MLS is strong. »

    The Instinct of the Killer

    Since it is a question of consistency, we can emphasize that the team often ended the meetings in a way slightly tight, bending without breaking. This was the case again on Saturday night, as D.C. put pressure to tie the game, while the locals should have folded the game long before.

    “We were able to keep the score, it's not easy, despite the fact that they were at ten towards the end, underlined Ismaël Koné. There are elements of the game that need to be better, we need to kill the game much earlier in the second half. » 

    « The game could have ended 4-0 if we had been sharp. These are aspects on which we will work.

    This victory puts CF Montreal within two points of the Philadelphia Union and first place in the Eastern Conference.

    Philadelphia in the lead

    “We're not focused on Philly, we're focused on us. Maybe my teammates knew they had lost, but I didn't, I preferred to focus on my match,” Koné insisted.

    Following Koné in front of the media, Rudy Camacho however indicated that he had taken good note of the situation.

    “We have a chance so we will play it hard. We are going to play for first place in Miami hoping that they [the Union] make a poor performance against Toronto.

    Romell Quioto was out of uniform due to a thigh injury. Crossed near the press box, he seemed at ease. Wilfried Nancy said he did not know more for the moment.

    “He was injured in selection. We are waiting to see a bit. I hope it won't be too long and that he will be available for the first game of the playoffs. »

    As for Joel Waterman, injured at the end of the match, Nancy mentioned that he had received a blow, that he had a bruise, but that he expected it not to be not serious.