Two rapists plead guilty

Deux violeurs plaident coupables

Two men from Gatineau who drugs young women met online to rape them brutally, sometimes multiple, have each pleaded guilty to a string of sex crimes that could now be worth up to seven years of incarceration.

“There was no consent, they have committed heinous crimes, degrading and even hateful towards women “, has commented to Me, Christine Lambert, of the Crown, while Michel Giroux and Vincent Careers admitted their guilt, Friday at the palace of justice in Gatineau.

Deux violeurs plaident coupables

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Vincent Careers

The two men, aged 28 and 29 years, were followers of the applications in online dating, like Tinder.

Giroux is targeted then the women he invited to a bar before you bring it home.

Date rape drug

And once at his home, he was drinking a glass in which it was without their knowledge of drugs so that they lose consciousness and that he could satisfy his low instincts with the participation of its friends.

In 2018 only, they have made five victims.

“One of the victims said the sexual assault by flash, in a moment, she regained consciousness because of the pain, but she couldn’t react,” explained the judge Gaston Paul Langevin, adding that Careers had participated in the crime. When she eventually awakened, she finds that she is bleeding. “

Another victim was about to, she woke up covered in bruises, with bites and scratches. Faces, Careers was placed in the victim and had threatened to file a complaint with the DPJ against the woman, a single mother, by saying you have information that could make life difficult for the victim.


One by one, the victims of the duo testified to the court Friday of the trauma they continue to live.

Deux violeurs plaident coupables

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Michel Giroux

“I am blamed, I thought it was my fault… I was so afraid, I felt so alone,” said one, while another said she had in some way been ” killed “, but that it would come out stronger once it is identified.

But if they have been traumatised by the events, they have all made the decision to go to the police to denounce the rapists. One of them was afraid of not being believed, but she had been, she recounted.

“I want to commend the victims for their courage,” mentioned the magistrate.

Deny and then Admit

Giroux for its part, had long denied any crime, saying “a victim of its own success” with women.

In a lengthy text posted on Facebook, so that it did not have the right to use the internet, he had even bragged about his luxurious life and his ability to have ” any girl anytime.”

Until the reality catches up with him, and that he pleaded guilty Friday to sexual assault causing bodily harm and with the participation of a third party.

But if the parties have suggested sentences of between five and seven years for the two rapists, the judge stated that he felt that he was “not ready right away,” to acquiesce to the demand, and that it will make its decision next month.

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