Two survivors of the COVID-19 testify

Deux survivantes de la COVID-19 témoignent

Two orderlies of the NURSING Laflèche, Shawinigan, have almost died as a result of the COVID-19.

“I was told to be strong and be courageous. I walked further, I did not speak almost any more. I was eating, I was in panties. I was just like the elders that I took care of it!” said Édith Lafrenière.

His colleague, Eliane Picard and it are part of the approximately 5000 workers in the quebec network of health who have been infected since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19.

They have contracted the coronavirus from the onset of the first case, the CHSLD Laflèche, which quickly became the epicenter of the pandemic in the Mauricie region.

The two in charge have been plunged into a coma for more than a dozen of days and have been intubées to the intensive care unit COVID of the Trois-Rivières hospital.

“The fight is not over. Yes, I am out of the coma, but I am fighting again for my respiratory health,” said Éliane Picard, who celebrated his 55th birthday in a coma.

Two months after leaving intensive care, the two women are very critical of the managers of the CHSLD Laflèche.

“No message of encouragement from my boss: it makes me a lot of trouble. We are just numbers,” said Ms. Picard.

As for Édith Lafrenière, it ensures want to go back to work, but does not hide that she fears that a second wave hits the CHSLD.

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