Two to eight weeks of waiting to get a hair cut

MONTREAL – Advice to those who are eager to get their hair cut: the hair salons in the Greater Montreal area will re-open Monday, but two to eight weeks of waiting are to be expected to get an appointment.

The “24 Hours” has probed a dozen of hairdressers and barbers as to the waiting time before getting their services.

Lounge Priska & Co, in the district of Saint-Henri, the next appointment possible is mid-July. The owner Priska Laurent will work six days per week in the hope of accommodating as many clients as possible.

“It is an adjustment, but at least you can start to work. We will not complain”, she says.

The experience in the lounges will not be quite like the past. The wearing of the gown and the face shield will be required for the hairdressers and barbers, and customers will have to wait outside with a minimum distance of two metres. They are invited to arrive at the time of their appointment, not before. A wall full transparent between the different items of work will also need to be installed, if the social distancing may not be respected.

These equipment purchases generate significant costs to the salon owners. Their clients will have to provide for an additional amount for their hair cut. For example, among The Barbarians, in the district of Sainte-Rose in Laval, the “tax COVID” is located at$3.

“People have no idea of the work we do”, expresses for its part, the owner of the hair salon Fox, Marie-Élaine St-Amour, still wrapped in the idea of revising its customers.

“You can’t do as we did before [with] two or three clients at the same time. It is one at a time”, mentions about it Dominique Fortin, master colorist at flyaways, Laval. Here, too, it had to be between six to eight weeks before getting an appointment.

Recall that since the closure of the salon in march last year, several customers contact their expert capillary in order to obtain an appointment. Some have even offered astronomical amounts of money for being cut hair into a full pandemic.

Interestingly, some do not use the appointment and invite their customers to wait outside to gain access to the lounge.

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