Two toddlers died from drowning in pools

Deux bambins sont morts noyés dans des piscines

SOREL-TRACY | The drowning deaths of two toddlers Friday, in as much family pools, reminiscent of bad memories to a couple of Mascouche, who has lost her boy of 2 and a half years in the same way in 2004.

“It makes us think back to the events. But most importantly, it includes the test that will have to overcome the parents. The judgment of others in relation [to the drama] is not always pleasant,” said Christian Lallier.

In 2004, his son Samuel drowned in the pool of its neighbors at a corn roast.

He was only 2 and a half years.

“We had bathed earlier in the day and the scale had not been wound up. At the end of the dinner, Samuel snuck in and climbed up to the pool,” explained Mr. Lallier.

The father of four children, includes the feeling of guilt that haunts the parents of children who died by drowning, but insists on the fact that this kind of event is sometimes unpredictable, despite the benevolence of the world.


“At any time, a child can escape the surveillance. It may not always be in the back of them. It can happen to any parents, even the more responsible. It goes beyond what we can provide”, the breath he who lives in Mascouche, in Lanaudière, with his wife Karine Lebreux.

Christian Lallier recalled that the safety barriers around a swimming pool can save lives just like the swimming lessons for children.

Unfortunately, the balance of the drowning is dark in Québec this year.

And it is even more deteriorated so that two young children have lost their lives in Friday evening.

At 18h, a toddler of 2 years old was found dead in a residential pool on the way Georges in Saint-Paul, in Lanaudière.

A few hours later, a little girl of 3 years old also drowned in the swimming pool of a private residence in the rue Ramezay in Sorel-Tracy, in the Montérégie region.

Neighbors shaken

In the aftermath of the sad accident occurred in this sector, family, neighbors were still shaken Saturday. “There are many young families and children in this neighborhood. We were all shaken up immediately,” reported Julie Chapdelaine, she-a mother of a little girl of 4 years.

♦ As of the date of Saturday, the Quebec deplored 44 drownings for the year 2020, compared to 32 at this time last year.

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