Two weeks near the house

Deux semaines près de la maison

At the dawn of the construction holiday marked by the coronavirus, a lot of workers have changed their plans and will spend the next two weeks near the house.

After a few weeks off when the Quebec has been paused, the yards were “taken in crazy” since the spring. The two weeks of construction are so well-received, although many countries have simplified their vacation plans.

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Thus, all those who had the habit of crossing the border to go to the United States had to find a plan B.

This is the case of Dominic Blouin who visit annually the East coast. “Usually we go out of the country,” says the one who has instead rented a cottage at Mont-Tremblant next week.

“It is sure that it’s going to be funny holidays “, stated Michel Léveillé, who could not remember the last time he had stayed in Quebec for ” construction “.

No need of distancing physics for these masons all part of the same family the Blouin, who hold the patriarch Edmond in their arms on the eve of the holiday building.


Other families of workers found on the work sites have also changed their project of camping.

Jonathan, a house painter, had to go to Calgary and camping in Western canada by the end of the month of July.

“We cannot do great thing, we are going camping in the corner “, explained a worker employed on a construction site of the lower town of Quebec.

Pier-Olivier Marsh and his friends have opted for an exotic destination in the context of the pandemic. They will take the road to Wasaga Beach north of Toronto on Georgian bay.

If several workers have as a game plan of camping in Quebec, others prefer to avoid this option.

“The camping, it’s going to be too much of a mess this year,” said Stéphane Morissette who would rather take the opportunity to ” rest in the family “.

Sylvain Lacoste, who works on the project of redevelopment of the site of the Viger station in Montreal is happy to start their vacation even if it will not be able to go to the Gaspé as he would have wished.

Because he had to get there early if you wanted to go visit the regions in québec. “I wanted to go to the Gaspé, but everything is booked. It is impossible to find accommodation, ” said Mr Lacoste, labourer general in Montreal.

Tourism ” ultra-local “

Several, such as Jean-Luc Deveaux, are resigned to make tourism “ultra-local” in the metropolitan area.

“We’re going to exercise and the pool,” says the representative of the CSN-Construction.

At the cottage

Ryan Murphy, who was working Thursday on a construction site near the corner of Arago, in Quebec city, will spend his vacation at the family cottage in Kamouraska.

Long live the homes side ! Those who are lucky enough to have a chalet will not fail to enjoy.

“It’s not bad and what remains to be done,” said a laughing Ryan Murphy, who will benefit from the family cottage with her small family in the Kamouraska.

For Blouin, the cottage and fishing will also be the place of choice for the next two weeks.

Except that the family of masons there, make an appointment with them for 17 years. Like what the COVID will not because of all the traditions.

— With the collaboration of Anne-Sophie Perry

What they think

I’m going to take advantage of our field and to make regional activities “

— Carl Brisson, a worker of the South Shore of Quebec city

We wanted to get out of the house, with the confinement, there was no great-thing “

— Dominic Blouin, who has rented a cottage in Mont-Tremblant

It is sure that it’s going to be funny holiday “

— Michel Léveillé, who will build a cottage

“I’m going to stay in Quebec during my vacation and I’ll even stay in the metropolitan area. Anyway, it is almost impossible to rent anything at this time “

— Jean-Luc Deveaux, vice-president, civil engineering and highways to the CSN-Construction

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