Two women decided to open a beauty salon in spite of the pandemic

Deux femmes décident d’ouvrir un salon d’esthétique malgré la pandémie

While many businesses have had to put the key under the door because of the crisis of the COVID-19, Julie Lacoste and Catherine Genest teamed up to open their living-room aesthetic, the opening of which is scheduled for August 10.

With the time precarious, the bank has denied a credit line, so they invested their savings to start their business.

Nothing can discourage both entrepreneurs who have had to give up their latest business partnership. They were each shareholders in another beauty salon. “It goes into business with someone that you trust, and that finally you realize the [shenanigans], it has been a trigger,” says Catherine Genest, who believes that she would never glimpse without the pandemic.

Julie Lacoste adds that this feud is behind them. “We turned the page, we discovered some things, but it is especially understood that we wanted to start a business,” she says.

The entrepreneurs are optimistic and they want to see other companies emerged even if the climate is unstable. “Even in times of COVID, it is still possible [starting a business]. We are going to find different business models. We are going to work otherwise, but it will be able and can,” says Ms. Genest very motivated by the recent project.

Far from eyes, near the heart

Encouraged by their faithful clientele, the two women are related, before all, to serve their customers, which they lacked. “I spoke with my client during the confinement, we sent pictures of cakes,” says Ms. Lacoste.

The latter is planning to have a business model that will adapt to future contingencies. “If we should close the shops, it is to have a plan B. We are going to do consultations for colouring, we are going to make of pick up, have a shop online. This is what the traders have had to change quickly. While we, as we have already built,” she said, in speaking of the benefits of opening for extraordinary measures.

A green model

The hair salon and aesthetics will be located on the Plateau Mont-Royal in the corner of Gilford and Chabot. The show Associates is a member of a network of recovery of waste related to beauty care, salons Green Circle.

“The body Green Circle recovers the remaining products dyes to turn them into ash and add-in materials of construction. The paper of aluminium, the tubes of colours are melted down to make bicycles, the hair is even recovered to manufacture a plastic high-performing,” Ms. Genest obviously proud of making an effort environment in a sector that generates a lot of waste”.

The entrepreneurs have also decided to furnish their living in second hand or build their own furniture missing.

They have also decided to join with local suppliers, québécois or canadian.

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