Two young armed will remain behind bars

Two young armed men will remain behind bars

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Montrealers must be able to walk the streets without fear of being victims of gun crime, recalled a judge while keeping detained two young people arrested with a loaded pistol in their bag.

“The frequency of gun-related offenses is a general concern for society as a whole. The reasonable public expects to live peacefully without fear of mortal threat “, declared the judge Julie Riendeau, Monday at the courthouse of Montreal.

The magistrate thus expressed herself in the file of Brianston Sovereign and Olivier Nelson, two young people aged 18 and 22 arrested last month in the metropolis.

Weapon loaded

Right after At midday, the police arrested Souverain, who was wanted in connection with an event where a teenager had a pistol pointed in his chest for no apparent reason.

However, while carrying out the arrest in the car driven by Nelson, they found in a backpack a prohibited firearm loaded with 13 bullets.

“Let us recall here the inherent risk for the community caused by possession [of this weapon] in the public space & nbsp; ”, noted the judge.

But while Sovereign had virtually no chance of conditional release, partly due to his other gun-related record, the case was different for Nelson, a college student with no background and with parents willing to watch him. . & nbsp;

Public confidence

His lawyer, Me Vicky Powell, came close to getting him released, but in the end, the judge said he should remain in custody to maintain public confidence in the justice system.

“Police observed a marked increase in violent incidents involving firearms in 2021, and a notable change , among other things in the intensity of these & nbsp; “, explained the magistrate.

In recent months, the authorities have also noted an increase in” demonstrations of force ” armed criminals, with a potential of high risk to public safety.

“The court itself has observed an increase in the number of cases involving firearms”, recalled the judge.

Faced with this situation, it therefore considered that it was in the public interest to keep the two accused detained, whose trial date will be determined at a future hearing.

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