Ufologists found in Zimbabwe “alien ship”

Уфологи отыскали в Зимбабве «корабль пришельцев»

Took a strange picture.

The popular UFO channel on YouTube there was a strange video, which showed the alien ship that landed in Zimbabwe near the river, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Accents. The video immediately became viral. It drew the attention of not only fans, but also scientists.

The object was discovered by accident on one of the aerial photographs. It resembled a flying saucer. Length of the alleged alien spacecraft is about 65 meters, height – about 30 meters.

Experts who made this discovery have no doubt that the photographs of the alien ship. Skeptics, of course, do not believe and say that this is the usual sandy hill. Ufologists do not even consider this version, because, according to them, the natural elevation can have such perfect shape.

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