Ufologists have removed the “UFO” landing in England

Уфологи сняли «НЛО», приземляющийся в Англии

The video is gaining popularity.

The British are in shock – the camera recorded the landing of a real UFO in Yorkshire, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to u-news.com.ua.

British ufologists and specialists in the paranormal phenomena reported that late on the night of 27 January 2019 in England in the County of South Yorkshire, a large glowing unidentified object. Cameras night surveillance managed to capture a mysterious alien UFO made a spectacular landing near the house. The Network immediately began to discuss new footage of a landing flying saucer.

Internet users said that aliens actually exist, but they never heard that a UFO landed near houses of people. Skeptics said that the video footage could be a simple installation and absolutely not correspond to reality. It is the authenticity of the video is now studied by experts.

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