Ufologists puzzled by strange objects in the asteroid

Уфологов озадачили странные объекты на астероиде

Discuss the ufologists.

Two unusual symmetrical object considered in the picture of the asteroid Vesta from NASA. The original asteroid was made in 2011 and posted online in 2012, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to golos.ua

Only the other day he came across a “virtual meeting” Scott Waring, looking for anomalous objects in various photographs of the surface of the moon, Mars and other planets (paranormal-news.ru). NASA spacecraft arrived in orbit of asteroid Vesta in June 2011, and then fell to a height of 130 miles above its surface to take photos.

Waring reviewed the picture shows two remarkably symmetrical diamond or “diamond-like” object, which is nestled among the craters of asteroids. According to Waring it’s nothing like alien ships. Both object are very similar in length and width, but slightly different “design”.

One of them in the center of the shiny, like metal, and the second is like covered with a thick layer of dust. Vesta, a large asteroid with an average diameter of 525 km, It is the second largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and is second only to the dwarf planet Ceres. Some astronomers believe that Vesta must also obtain the status of a dwarf planet.

Уфологов озадачили странные объекты на астероиде

Уфологов озадачили странные объекты на астероиде

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