Ugo Fredette is a killer narcissist without empathy

Ugo Fredette est un tueur narcissique sans empathie

The only thing that explains both murders, committed by Ugo Fredette, it’s his personality disorder, narcissistic, said a psychiatrist on the first day of the representations on sentence.

“The needs that gentleman had passed before [those of] victims, and he has an inability to feel empathy,” said Monday, Dr. Gilles Chamberland, the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme.

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The psychiatrist at the Institut Philippe-Pinel, who testified for the Crown, has evaluated the murderer Ugo Fredette in August 2019, just before his trial.

Since then, Fredette has been convicted of murder premeditated by his wife, Veronica Beard, and Yvon Lacasse, an elder from whom he has stolen the car to escape.

Veronica Beard


Veronica Beard


The two crimes were committed on the same day, 14 September, 2017, in Saint-Eustache and Lachute in the Laurentians.

He was automatically sentenced to life in prison without release before 25 years of age.

The superior Court judge Myriam Lachance, however, could double this minimum penalty because there are two victims.

Yvon Lacasse

Yvon Lacasse

It is this that will ask the Crown. The defence is opposed to it.

Gilles Chamberland concluded that a man of 44 years old had a narcissistic personality disorder.

Overweight its achievements, to be absorbed by his fantasies, believe we are special and unique, need to be admired, to think that everything is owed to him, exploit the other in its relations, lack of empathy, arouse the envy of others, behaviour arrogant : here are the nine characteristics arising out of a narcissistic personality.

“A to be harmful “

The mother of Veronica Beard, Claudette Biard, well aware of her ex-son-in-law in this picture.

“So much ! she exclaimed in response to journalists ‘ questions. There were no good reports of him and me. The feeling of a mother, it does not deceive. It is a be harmful and I often spoke with Veronica. “

Ms. Biard wants the murderer of her daughter purge at least 50 years.

“For me, 25 years old, this is not enough to have destroyed the life of my daughter and of Mr. Lacasse. In my opinion, this is ridiculous, ” she dropped.

For the Crown’s expert, the rehabilitation potential in the short term Fredette is zero.

“I do not see by what miracle it could change,” said Dr. Chamberland.

Enough 25 years

The sky is not as dark for the Dr. Louis Morissette, who testified for the defense.

The psychiatrist does not deny that Fredette has traits of narcissism very present, but it does not go so far as to speak of a personality disorder.

“The empathy, this is not the first quality of a gentleman “, he admitted.

According to the expert, the murderer had marital problems, but it worked well in other spheres of his life.

“It is not so different from the other murderers of marriage or those who have broken the nose of his wife. From there to say that for him, 25 years is not enough, I can’t say it “, was illustrated by Dr. Morissette.

Its evaluations show that the killer is not a psychopath and “this is not because he has caused two deaths as it increases the risk [of recurrence],” insisted the psychiatrist.

The hearings continue Tuesday.

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