UK wants to offer vaccine booster to everyone over 18 in two months

UK wants to offer a vaccine booster all over 18 in two months

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LONDON | British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday set a target of offering a booster of the coronavirus vaccine to all adults by the end of January, urging the British to continue their efforts in the face of the Omicron variant. & nbsp;

“Every day our scientists are learning more about this new variant of COVID,” the Conservative head of government said at a press conference from Downing Street. “But there is one thing we are sure”, that “the best defense” against the virus is “to get vaccinated.”

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The government had already announced Monday that a booster would be offered to everyone over 18 and that the time between the second and third dose would be reduced from six to three months.

“Our goal is to offer a booster dose to all those who are eligible by the end of January, ”Boris Johnson said on Tuesday.

To do this, “temporary vaccination centers will appear like Christmas trees and we will deploy at least 400 soldiers to help the efforts of our NHS”, the public health service, alongside the volunteers, he added. .

Severely affected by the virus in the spring of 2020, Boris Johnson said he would receive his third dose on Thursday, and called on the British to continue their vaccination efforts. “Let's not give this virus a second chance,” he said. & Nbsp;

Explaining being aware of the weariness caused by the emergence of this new variant, which has led his government to reintroduce travel restrictions and return of the compulsory mask in transport and shops, Boris Johnson stressed that “our position is much better than 'a year ago'.

One of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic with nearly 145,000 deaths, the United Kingdom has doubly vaccinated more than 80% of those over 12 years old and administered a booster to 31.1% of this segment of the population.

“We are taking proportionate precautionary measures while our scientists crack the Omicron code,” continued Boris Johnson.

“Our strategy is to buy the time we have need to assess this new variant, while doing everything we can to slow the spread of the virus and strengthen our defenses, ”added its Minister of Health, Sajid Javid.

For now, 13 cases of the Omicron variant have been detected in England and nine in Scotland, Javid said, predicting an increase in the coming days.

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