Ukraine: a comedy show in the midst of war

Ukraine: a comedy show in the midst of war


A Ukrainian comedian did his best to change the minds of citizens in the city of Sumy, Ukraine, when he performed in a bomb shelter last Saturday.

Comedian Felix Redka shared excerpts from this show on social media. If the idea of ​​holding a comedy evening in the middle of the war seems unlikely, for the comedian it is an event of great importance to him.

“There is a special occasion. A [show] in a [bomb] shelter is the most important and necessary of my career,” he mentioned on his Instagram account.

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< p>These images where we see citizens seated, laughing several times at the humorist's jokes, seem unreal, as they do not correspond to those of a people heavily affected by the war raging in their country.< /p>

In his show, the comedian exploits in particular the theme of Russian soldiers, making fun of them in several of his jokes. Like many comedians, he also did dark humor, imagining scenarios about his death.

Two other humor personalities joined Mr. Redka for the performance. They are Ilya Gluschenko and Kostya Yatsenko.

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< p>Unfailing resilience

The Ukrainian people have shown their resilience in original ways on several occasions since the beginning of the war. Recently, soldiers from the Ukrainian military orchestra played the tunes of Don't worry, be happy in the city of Odessa, as the Russians marched towards the port city. 

L he comedian has indicated that this show – which was filmed – will be adapted for rebroadcast on his YouTube channel. He also called this moment a “miracle”.

“A miracle, because a hundred people laughing in the middle of a war, it's a miracle”, he wrote under the publication.

Since the beginning of the war, the city of Sumy has been heavily affected by Russian attacks. A residential area was bombarded and more than twenty civilians perished. 

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