Ukraine – bronze medalist women’s relay world Cup in östersund!

Украина – бронзовый призер женской эстафеты ЧМ в Эстерсунде!

Ukrainian girls won a medal in the relay race at the world Championships in Sweden.

In the first stage, Anastasiya Merkushyna with impeccable shooting passed the baton to the second, second only to the world Cup Italian Lisa, Vittozzi.Vita Semerenko in the second stage used a single spare round, but on the track are unable to compete with the fast American Claire Egan in the last round played it for 20 seconds. Ukraine remained in third place 16 seconds behind team USA.

In the third stage, Yulia Jim, despite the two extra rounds, remained in the top 3. Leadership was captured by Sweden, followed at a 17-second gap was team USA, Ukraine lagged behind the leader by 40 seconds.

Valya Semerenko has perfectly coped with the most critical stage. Two additional rounds did not prevent the Ukrainian finisher of the relay to confidently deal with American and Russian. On the last lap Semerenko lost 30 seconds Laura Dahlmeier, but still managed third place across the finish line.

Victory in the relay effort olsbu Marte Roseland was won by Norway. At the last shooting Norwegian quickly closed with three penalties and finisher Sweden’s Hanna öberg took three extra rounds and lost a 20-second separation from her nearest competitor.

World Cup-2019. Women. The results of the relay:

1. Norway (1+8) 1:12:00,12. Sweden (0+6) +24,33. Ukraine (0+5) +35,14. Germany (1+14) +35,65. Russia (0+12) +43,66. Slovakia (0+9) +53,1


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