Ukraine: Macron assures Zelensky that he will support his peace plan

Ukraine: Macron assures Zelensky that he will support his peace plan< /p> UPDATE DAY

President Emmanuel Macron assured his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday that he would support his peace plan “on the international scene”, during a telephone conversation between the two heads of state.< /strong> 

Mr. Macron “reaffirmed his commitment to the 10-point peace plan proposed by President Zelensky and assured him that he would support this initiative on the international scene during the next diplomatic events”, indicated the Élysée.

< p>They also “referred to the reminder made (on Friday at the annual Munich security conference) to European and NATO partners of the need to strengthen and accelerate military support for Ukraine and the people Ukrainian”.

For his part. Mr. Zelensky praised on Twitter “the continuation of a friendly dialogue” with Mr. Macron and confirmed that they had both spoken about “the implementation of the peace plan”.

“J I thanked the President for his understanding of our needs, and for this shared feeling that we must defend ourselves against Russian aggression without losing any opportunity and without wasting a week,” Mr. Zelensky added in his evening message.< /p>

This exchange took place after the French president's interview with the Journal du Dimanche, Le Figaro and France Inter, in which he claimed to want Moscow to “defeat” against Ukraine, while warning those who want “above all to crush Russia”.