Ukraine must repay more than 200 billion UAH of debt

Украина должна погасить более 200 млрд гривен госдолга

According to the Finance Ministry, the repayment of public debt in 2018 should be 204,2 billion UAH, and in 2019 this indicator is calculated at the level of around 203 billion in 2020 181 billion; the cost of maintenance total for three years can reach 349 billion UAH.

In addition, in their opinion, should also emphasize a number of factors, which manifested in the past and continues in 2018. “In particular, a rise in interest rates on government borrowing and the short term issued bonds, which, in fact, creates a high burden for repayment, and debt service. In 2017 the weighted average interest rate on placed bonds equaled to 15,03% per annum, in USD — 4,79%, in Euro — 3.95% APR — experts.

According to the National Bank, weighted average interest rate on hryvnia loans to the budget for the five months amounted to 16.55% in June on a separate release, it reached 17,41—17,44%. In the future, will undoubtedly put additional pressure on the share of the expenditure side of the budget to be allocated to service the debt (which in 2018 is equal to 13,1%), and now acts as an additional factor to divert their own resource banks.

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