“Ukraine – my Paradise”: the Frenchman, singing “the Nightingale” presented a new album, video

"Украина - мой рай": француз, поющий на "соловьином" представил новый альбом, видео

French performer with the Ukrainian soul. The repertoire of the Field of Mandisa more than 25 songs in the Ukrainian language. Thus, in the framework of the tour the singer in the Ternopil Philharmonic society presented the second Ukrainian album.

This became known through the story of one of local TV channels.

"Украина - мой рай": француз, поющий на "соловьином" представил новый альбом, видео

Paul Menendez

He is a French singer, performing his own songs in the Ukrainian language. For more than three years Paul Menendez lives in Ukraine. His repertoire includes Ukrainian, Patriotic and folk songs with special French accent. To win the love of the Ukrainian public, the artist has prepared many interesting.

“I was the first Frenchman who makes the Ukrainian album, 14 songs, called “My Paradise.” Because Ukraine — this is my Paradise. I am a patriot, Ukraine strong. I love the Ukrainian language, what I was doing the album,” said singer Paul Menendez.

Ukrainian music, recognizes, inspires him in a special way. Even in France, the artist loved by many Ukrainian performers.

“Group “Okean Elzy”, “Violet”, “Without limits”, Violin. That’s all music I really like. And that’s the music I listened to when I lived in France. Like Kvitka Cisyk. With Nina Matvienko we did 15 concerts together,” added singer.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the attempt of the Belarusian performer Dima Koldun to sing your song “Ships” karaoke at one of the regional centers of Belarus ended in a fight, what the artist himself wrote on his page in Instagram. On the published picture shows the artist posing with a black eye and blurred his knuckles. The artist signed it: “a Tour of Belarus in full swing. Yesterday we tried to sing “Ships” karaoke in a provincial town. Thank you to the listeners”.

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As reported Znayu Adele told about a terrible family tragedy: you will not hear a single word.

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