Ukraine national team before the match with Monaco lost Marlos

Сборная Украины перед матчем с Люксембургом потеряла Марлоса

Naturalized Brazilian Marlos will not help the Ukrainian team in the near qualifying match of Euro 2020.

The football Federation of Ukraine at the official level confirmed that the away match against Monaco main team of the country will not help Shakhtar midfielder Marlos, who due to the injury the adductor muscles of the thigh along with the other members of the delegation of the football Federation of Ukraine returned to Kyiv to undergo medical examinations.

Marlos last Friday in the match against Portugal (0:0) went out in the starting lineup and played 66 minutes, replaced on the field the captain of “Dynamo” Victor Tsygankov.

Trauma Marlos makes Tsygankova clear favourites on an exit in the starting lineup for the match with Luxembourg. Also based on the expected emergence and winger Schalke Yevhen Konoplyanka, who failed in the match against Portugal.

The qualifying match of Euro 2020 qualifier between Luxembourg and Ukraine will take place on the 8-thousand stadium “Josy Barthel” on Monday, March 25. The starting whistle of the match will be 21:45 Kyiv time.


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