Ukraine: new night bombardments on Kyiv

Ukraine: new night bombardments on Kyïv


Russian forces shelled Kyiv again overnight Thursday-Friday, the city's civil-military administration said, saying all missiles were intercepted and destroyed.  

“Another air attack on Kyiv, the 13th in a row since the beginning of May! And as always, at night,” said the administration on its Telegram account. According to her, cruise missiles were launched by Tu-95MS strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea region.

“According to preliminary information, all enemy targets in Kiev airspace have been detected and destroyed,” she added.

In its daily morning brief, the Ukrainian General Staff reported 55 Russian air attacks over the past day, including 36 by explosive drones, and four missile attacks.

“An S-300 missile hit a dam in the Karlivka area of ​​the Donetsk region” (east), said the staff. “As a result, there is a great danger of flooding of the surrounding communities”, he added, specifying on the other hand that he intercepted all the projectiles launched during the air raids.

Furthermore, in Russia , a “detonation” caused damage to a building in Krasnodar, a city near Crimea, without causing any casualties, according to local authorities quoted by the Ria Novosti agency.

A pro- Russian, Readovka, posted on his Telegram channel a photo of a building with damaged and blackened top floor and roof.

“The cause of the incident is under investigation. investigation,” Krasnodar Mayor Yevgeny Naumov said on Telegram, adding that the roof of a nearby building had also been damaged.

At the beginning of May, Russia was rocked by a series of attacks and sabotage, including the derailment of two freight trains and a fire in an oil depot due to a drone attack. And on Monday, two armed groups claiming to be Russian attacked the Russian region of Belgorod from Ukraine, the most serious incursion since the start of the war.