Ukraine: Ottawa “extremely worried” about a potential war

Ukraine: Ottawa “extremely worried” about potential war< /p> UPDATE DAY

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was “extremely concerned” about the situation at the Ukraine-Russia border, but has not decided yet to repatriate the families of the Canadian diplomats as did the United States.

On the sidelines of a press briefing on Monday morning, Mr. Trudeau also made no progress on sending weapons or additional military personnel to Ukraine in order to prepare for an aggression on the part of of Russia.

“There are several contingency plans in place. The safety of diplomats and their families is of course a priority, and we will continue to be there for Ukraine and ensure the safety of Canadians in Ukraine,” said Mr. Trudeau.

The United States announced that the families of diplomats working in Ukraine would be repatriated for security reasons. Diplomatic personnel not working on emergency issues were also allowed to leave the country.

As Mr. Trudeau spoke, Global News claimed that servers used by Global Affairs Canada had experienced major outages over the weekend.

Two people on condition of anonymity explained to the Canadian media that these outages were “abnormal” and that they had hit several places in the network.

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