Ukraine: Paris “warns” Belarus not to enter the war



Belarus “would be well advised” not to enter the war in Ukraine, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna warned on Tuesday, citing the possibility of sanctions. 

“The question will most certainly be on the agenda of the G7 discussions” which meets virtually on Tuesday in an emergency, the day after the massive Russian strikes on all of Ukraine, declared Ms. Colonna on France Inter.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Monday accused Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine of preparing “terrorist” attacks and an “uprising” in Belarus, and announced the deployment of a “regional” military grouping with Moscow.

Minsk “would be well advised” not to go to war, Colonna said. “We must issue a warning to this country. Any additional support for Russia's war in Ukraine would result in additional sanctions,” she stressed, recalling that Belarus was already under sanctions.

Belarus, Russia's ally in its conflict with Ukraine, has already lent its territory to Moscow for its offensive against Ukraine, but the Belarusian army has not participated in the fighting on Ukrainian territory so far.

Nineteen people were killed and more than 100 injured in the campaign of Russian strikes on Monday across Ukraine, including Kyiv. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the strikes in retaliation for the “terrorist” attack » committed according to him by Ukraine against the bridge connecting Russian territory to Crimea (south), Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014.