Ukraine: Russia could “intensify” its strikes on civilian infrastructure (US embassy)

Ukraine: Russia may


The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine warned Tuesday that Russia could strike civilian infrastructure and government buildings “in the coming days,” and called on U.S. citizens to “leave Ukraine now.”< /strong> 

“State Department has information that Russia is stepping up efforts to launch strikes against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and government facilities in the coming days said the embassy in a message posted on its website, without further details on the places potentially affected.

She called on American citizens to “leave Ukraine now using the means of private land transport available”.

The conflict, which was launched on February 24 by the Russian invasion, will enter its seventh month on Wednesday.

Since the withdrawal of Russian forces from the surrounding of Kyiv at the end of March, most of the fighting was concentrated d in eastern Ukraine, where Moscow slowly gained ground before the front froze, and in the south, where Ukrainian troops say they are carrying out a counter-offensive, which is also very slow.

Russia, however, continues to regularly target Ukrainian cities with long-range missiles, although these strikes rarely target the capital or its surroundings.