Ukraine will help Europe 'resist Russian energy pressure', says Zelensky

Ukraine will help Europe to


Ukraine is preparing to increase its electricity exports to the European Union to help Europe “resist energy pressure” from Moscow, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday.  

“We will increase our electricity exports to consumers in the European Union,” Mr. Zelensky said in his daily video address.

These statements come the day after an agreement by European Union member countries to reduce their gas consumption in a coordinated way and thus help Germany after a drastic drop in Russian deliveries. 

kyiv and the Europeans accuse Moscow of using gas as an economic and political weapon.

“Despite the war, we ensured the integration in record time of the Ukrainian networks into the European system”, underlined the Ukrainian president .

“Our exports allow us not only to increase our foreign exchange earnings, but also to help our partners resist Russian energy pressure. We will gradually make Ukraine a country that guarantees Europe's energy security,” he continued. 

He also commented on the partial destruction of the Antonivski Bridge in the southern region of Kherson occupied by the Russians and which the army of kyiv seeks to retake.

“All the bridges will of course be rebuilt, but by us”, he declared, explaining that this strategic bridge for the supply of the Russian army was targeted to “break the plans” of the enemy.